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Wine Designs is owned and operated by Cecilia & her friendly and knowledgeable staff. It is with this partnership that we can provide better service and flexibility to our customers, including flexible business hours, and bottling by appointment.


A large part of our business is providing wine to weddings and other very Special Occasions. Personalized wine is a great way to make your banquet hall look complete. By brewing it yourself, you not only save money, you are able to colour-coordinate your wedding dinner tables by matching your shrinkwraps and labels to your bridal colours. At the same time, your guests will know that you went the extra mile to make this day personal. You can also use your wedding wine to let your guests know that their presence at your wedding is appreciated by including a Thank You on your wine labels, and making your wine bottles part of your table setting.


We carry a large selection of wedding labels to choose from, or you can use blank labels and a photograph to design the labels yourself. Some labels are also available with matching place cards and coasters, to complete your table decor.


Looking for a gift for your Bridal Party? Something they might use and enjoy? We recommend personalized bottles of wine, not only for bridal parties, but for wedding and shower bomboniere gifts as well. Your bottles can be decorated to suit the occasion, with thank-you labels or place cards attached. Your wines can be put into gift baskets, given with a wine cooler bag, or just wrapped in organza and ribbon. The possibilities are endless. Just use your imagination to make your wedding wines as personal and individual as you are.


Our quality house wines both red and white and blush, are all excellent sellers, and have proven themselves to be favourites among the most discriminating of clientele. We offer a full range of wines, Country Specific Wines, 100 % Juices from Italy or French Juice, Wine Coolers, and Ice Wines for your selection.


Our wine prices start as low as $80.00 a batch. Wine prices include all taxes, corks, shrinkwraps, generic labels, racking and filtering. Bottles and personalized labels are extra. It takes approximately 5 - 6 weeks to brew a batch of wine, so plan your wedding wine carefully, allowing enough time to brew and age your wine properly. All wines are good as soon as you bottle. Reds get better with age, although they are also quite enjoyable when bottled. We recommend 6 months aging of red wines to truly appreciate their hearty flavours.

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